Any fitting or fabrication work should be carried out in accordance with applicable site safety standards, ensuring use of approved hard hats, eye protection, steel-toed shoes and  protective gloves. Always use a soft faced hammer when performing the work as described in these instructions.


CAUTION. Extreme care must be taken when cutting to minimize local pre-heating. Failure to do so may result in cracking or delamination.

High pressure abrasive water jet cutting is the preferred cutting method. Thermal cutting using an oxyacetylene  torch, arc-air or plasma is NOT recommended due to high localized heat input and high risk of cracking and delamination. Submerged plasma cutting is acceptable for Laminite®  up to 1.18” total thickness. For Laminite®  no greater than 1” section thickness, cutting by abrasive disc or saw is an accepted practice.

Cutting Procedure 1” Section Thickness


Secure the Laminite®  piece to be cut in a vice or clamp.


Notch the backing plate through to white iron casting. If white iron is not already notched eg.chocky bar is already notched, notch the white iron a minimum of 0.12” deep opposite the notch in the backing plate, as per (Fig 2).


Notch the backing plate. See also shown in (Fig 1)


Wrap the Laminite®  with a rag and carefully hit using a soft faced hammer. The piece should break cleanly at the notch.


Note: The deeper the notch in the White Iron, the cleaner the break.